Agatho Parfum is a new fragrance brand launched in 2019.

It is in ancient Pompeii that Agatho, the famous master perfumer, created ointments for the Roman aristocracy of the Empire. Agatho Parfum rediscovers and celebrates the excellence of these ointments and gives a contemporary touch to the olfactory overture through the use of natural materials of the highest qualityThe eponymous perfume house invites you to visit his imaginary workshop filled with precious incense blends, seductive floral positions and exotic spices blends. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Maurizio Cerizza.

Handmade porcelain scent bottles seal in the fragrances. To maintain some tangible historic and factual continuity the unique ceramic lids are manufactured in Fabbrica di Capodimonte. This porcelain factory was founded by the philanthrope king Charles III of Bourbon, under whom the excavations of Pompeii began.

The exclusivity of Agatho Parfum celebrates elegance, culture, luxury and expresses demanding and refined personality.

Discover the Agatho Parfum range of fragrances and shop online at Fascination Perfumery.

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