Bentley, the renowned luxury automobile manufacturer, had expanded its brand beyond cars to include fragrances. Bentley Fragrances is a division of Bentley Motors and specializes in crafting high-end perfumes inspired by the brand’s values of luxury, craftsmanship, and sophistication.

For a century, Bentley Motors has been manufacturing luxury cars that combine excellence and expertise, tradition, and modernity. The Bentley Fragrances perfume collection draws its inspiration from this prestigious world in which leather and wood panelling become a work of art. Both share the same vision of style in which authenticity, elegance and refinement are pushed to their extreme.

Bentley Fragrances collaborates with experienced perfumers to create unique and captivating scents that reflect the brand’s heritage and elegance. These perfumes often draw inspiration from the aesthetics, materials, and experiences associated with Bentley cars. The fragrances are designed to evoke a sense of refinement, opulence, and exclusivity, much like the experience of driving a Bentley automobile. Each scent offers you the chance to slip into the skin of a passionate and exacting aesthete, driven by a spirit of daring and discovery. Every occasion of his life is echoed by a befitting scent, the invisible signature of intangible yet unshakeable elegance.

The bottles are inspired by the generous curves and exceptional materials used by Bentley Motors, combining power and style down to the slightest detail. The bottle features two Bentley icons: the famous knurling on the stopper and the legendary “flying B” perching proudly on its top. Its rounded forms are also perfectly moulded to the masculine hand in order to heighten the sensations.

The ultimate luxury.

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