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Being Cartier, perfumes are designed to ‘adorn the skin like invisible and intimate precious gems.’ So naturally, they must be created with true olfactory craftsmanship, from rare and luxurious ingredients. And the bottles, by definition, must catch the eye. Exquisite and sophisticated in every way, Cartier fragrance ranges are inspired by the jewels and lustre of their renowned jewellery.

Cartier‘s scented debut was in 1981 with Must de Cartier, a green Oriental which broke with olfactory convention: a play between sophisticated galbanum and sensuous, sweet vanilla and jasmine. Spontaneous, luxurious, seductive and wild, it became an equally wild success. Eau de Cartier, a ‘shareable’ Cologne-style fragrance, launched in 2001: cool, pure and sensual, it blends cedarwood with violet, ‘a shower of sensations from cool to hot’.

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