ESCADA is a well-known product brand of perfumery. Their fragrances, like the company’s fashions, are notable for their bright packaging and unusual bottle shapes. Elegance and glamour are the ESCADA hallmarks. The company’s emphasis on youthful, fruity-floral scents is credited by many with helping to establish fruity-floral as a new fragrance category.

The first ESCADA perfume was introduced in 1990 and was named after its designer ESCADA Margaretha Ley. The bottle represented a unique and very feminine heart shape reflecting the feminine and sensual side of the fragrance.

In 1993, ESCADA introduced the first seasonal fragrance with a limited summer perfume called “Chiffon Sorbet”. It was inspired by the brand’s spring/summer fashion collection. The brand pioneered the concept of seasonal limited editions and established what has become one of the most successful summer fragrance lines in the perfumery industry.

The signature perfumes of ESCADA are ESCADA MAGNETISM, a sophisticated and sensual scent, ESPECIALLY ESCADA, a flowery scent embodying happiness and elegance and ESCADA JOYFUL, launched in 2014, which is a luxurious and feminine scent that captures the beauty of a bouquet of flowers.

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