The niche perfume brand Goutal is just as unique and visionary as its founder. Ex-model Annick Goutal founded her eponymous perfume house in 1981, hoping to enable wearers to feel true emotion though fragrances.

Each scent is catered to a different personality, with a strong European essence embedded in every concoction. Blending poetry, luxuriant nature and everlasting culture to curate a unique collection of exquisite enduring fragrances. Harnessing the power of storytelling, each of the house’s signature fragrances paint a vivid picture that sparks the imagination and is experienced on the skin and by the senses.

The essence of French elegance and refinement, let the fruity, floral, woody and oriental notes of Goutal’s creations adorn your perfumery collection.
Reflecting the character of its vibrant and spirited founder, each perfume and its packaging is handmade in France from natural ingredients.

Discover the Goutal range of fragrances at Fascination Perfumery including the legendary Eau d’Hadrien.

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