Lorenzo Villoresi

Niche house of Lorenzo Villoresi was founded in 1990 in Florence, Italy and its founder and perfumer is Lorenzo Villoresi himself. His study and travel in the Middle East has greatly influenced his work and some of his most important fragrances are Orientals, exotic perfumes of spices, amber, incense, resins, vanilla, sandalwoods and other aromatics.

Translating flights of fantasy and personal treasures into rich, evocative fragrances from his laboratory on the rooftops of Firenze generates olfactory visions that conjure exotic worlds inspired by the secrets and mysteries of the east.

The scent of the desert is an ineffable fragrance, the smell of time, of the wind and of the pollen from thousands of distant flowers; the essence of sand, like a note of glass, delicate and transparent; the scent of dreams and crystal-clear thoughts, of hidden spells and nocturnal seas. The most beloved scent from Lorenzo is Teint de Neige. A unique, and very powdery perfume.

His talent for creating perfumes was confirmed in 2006 when he won the Prix Francois Coty. This is thé most important acknowledgment for the artistic career of a perfumer, and he was the first to win this prize as an independent perfumer!

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