The passion for bringing back the true art of perfumery is the brainchild of the manifestation of the brand Perris Monte Carlo.
Born in 2011 from the extensive experience of Gian Luca Perris, the Perris Monte Carlo brand expresses an idea of luxury based not on appearance, but on the quality of craftsmanship. A niche perfume house which makes materials the story of the formula. Perris source the best and rarest extracts from all over the world, and invites famous perfumers to blend them into magnificent perfume designs.

Perris Monte Carlo has long built a reputation as a leading fragrance brand dedicated to using fine, natural ingredients. From fresh, citrusy-infused scents to spicy perfumes mixed with notes of bergamot and jasmine. Perris have beautiful oud, roses, jasmines, citruses, ambers, patchouli, and many more in their range.

The Gold collection features the classic vintage staples. The Black collection focuses on modern interpretations of the eternally popular materials. The citrus range explores the finest of zests. The White collection highlights the supermodel flowers of perfumery: jasmine and rose, with more to come.

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