Inspired by precious spices and scented ingredients: Widian is a luxury fragrance house founded by Ali Aljaberi in Abu Dhabi, UAE with a truly international vision. WIDIAN perfumes present the luxurious oriental scents of Arabia blended with flowery and fruity aromas from around the world.

Widian distinguishes itself through its unique, comforting and delightful blends of ingredients. Blending the cultures, traditions and heady aromas of both the East and West, the past and the present, Widian takes Arabian perfumery above and beyond the expected. These fragrances are an invitation to follow the legendary Silk Road Route, evoking the sensorial memories of each civilisation it passes on its voyage.

Widian is an invitation to travel with the senses from East to West, from North to South – each Widian fragrance is an emotional encounter that strikes the perfect balance between the Orient and the Occident. Carefully crafted from only the purest and most precious incenses, spices, woods and blossoms.

All fragrances of the house are designated by number rather than name, and the house has a motto—”If you like it, wear it”—which manifests with all fragrances being designed for wear by men and women. The fragrances of the house are divided into two collections: Black and Gold. The Gold Collection includes more Oud- and Amber-based fragrances than the Black Collection.

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