Worth is a famous French fashion house founded by Charles Frederick Worth in 1858. They are known for their couture as well as a series of celebrated perfumes, including the timeless Je Reviens. As a respected couture house House of Worth was one of the first fashion brands to venture into the perfumery market. The company’s first luxury fragrance, Dans La Nuit, was launched in 1924. The fragrance came in a bottle that was designed by the world-famous glass-maker René Lalique.

The most popular Worth perfume is without a doubt Je Reviens which was released in 1932. This is a floral and woody composition with citrus orange blossom, jasmine, lilac, cloves and rose on a base of sandalwood and incense.

Worth fragrances and colognes tend to be very floral and elegant, keeping with the opulent style of Charles Worth. Other popular scents include the sweet and flowery Miss Worth (1977) and Couture (2004), which is directly inspired by Je Reviens and could be considered the new version of this classic Worth scent.

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