Mugler Perfuming Body Lotion

Body Lotion



he Angel woman dares to live up to her dreams with her blue star as her sole guide. Confident and attractive, she fascinates those who cross her path. Between power and pleasure, she uses her ultra-femininity as a signature. Between heaven and earth, she makes her dreams a reality. Dress your whole body of Angel with its Perfuming Body Lotion.

A rich and creamy texture for this Angel Perfuming Body Cream that envelops the body. A feeling of intense hydration for immediate comfort. In addition to Eau de Parfum, on a daily basis, it prolongs Angel’s scent.

Apply the Angel Body Lotion to the areas you want to deeply moisturize. To enjoy its benefits, apply the cream on dry skin, ideally right after a shower or a relaxing bath. A light body exfoliation carried out before application enhances the effects.



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