Bugatti Dynamic Move Blue

Eau de Toilette


  • For the self-assured man – This men’s perfume from Bugatti is a masculine, vibrant fragrance that creates an aura of self-confidence, self-esteem and authenticity. A pleasant citrus eau de cologne that lasts all day
  • Experience adventures – The spicy top note of sharp, warm nutmeg and fresh lemon gives the men’s perfume its invigorating fragrance. The maritime sensory journey is complemented by a heart of floral lavender and aquatic notes. Finished with a base note of earthy patchouli and the warm smells of musk and amber, a long-lasting men’s fragrance is created that awakens the desire for adventure
  • Whoever makes dynamic moves is a confident doer who takes things into their own hands and moves dynamically through life. No mountain is too high and the three men’s fragrances Dynamic Move Black, Blue and Amber are always the right companion
  • Timeless elegance – The fragrance embodies progress, elegance and drive, just like the bottle that represents it. So the men’s perfume not only bewitches on the skin, but also serves as a decoration on the shelf
  • Enjoy the spirit with Bugatti – The legendary Italian name has stood for high quality and authenticity for 75 years. It is not only a brand, but a lifestyle that immediately awakens associations of style and a classic lifestyle




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