Lancome La Nuit Tresor Nude

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In the new chapter of LA NUIT TRESOR women’s perfume by LANCÔME, we discover an authentic love story: LA NUIT TRESOR NUDE, a long-lasting, rosy eau de toilette with bergamot, rounded off with coconut and vanilla. Soft shades of rose arouse romantic emotions; the scent is almost perfect to describe an authentic, tender love, revealed by a whirlwind of intense sensuality. She laughs, she prances, she even cries, she is everything he loves in every moment. In her lover’s eyes, no matter what happens, she is sublime, a sequence of stolen moments without a filter. In his eyes it is love. Top Note: Rose Essence. Heart Note: Bergamot Essence. Base Notes: Coconut, Vanilla.




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La Nuit


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