Mugler Alien Hypersense

Eau de Parfum


I designed an ultra-modern Alien, reaching the quintessence of florality.”
– Dominique Ropion, Master Perfumer


A radical rebirth of Alien, Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum takes the captivating essence of the original Alien fragrance and drives it into a new hyperbolic and hypnotic territory. Curated by Mugler with Dominique Ropion, the ultimate Master Perfumer who composed the original Alien Eau de Parfum in 2005, this new woody, floral fragrance showcases Mugler’s boundless imagination and distinctive expertise, igniting the awakening of your hypersenses through three captivating revelations.

The awakening revelation
The awakening revelation promises a vivid and enlivening experience. Hyper-tempting and vibrant, Green Mandarin Superessence arouses your senses, whilst the juicy Pear Accord is so crisp and ripe you could almost taste it.

The overblooming revelation
The overblooming revelation reveals a fiercely hypnotic facet and a hyperbolic femininity. Harvested from Mugler’s own field in India, precious Jasmine Sambac overblooms here in exceptional quality for a sensuous and palatial scent. Its white petals, skin-soft, bloom on your skin, exuding an opulence that is quintessentially Mugler.

The electrifying revelation
The electrifying revelation is what unleashes your inner Alien. Smooth as musk, silky as driftwood, Cashmeran reveals the salty, sexy, sun-kissed tinge of amber woods, radiating an aura of enticing hyper-sensuality.



30ml, 60ml, 90ml




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