Calvin Klein CK One

Eau de Toilette Spray


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CK One embodies a universal spirit for a diverse world. It is an iconic fragrance that is unapologetically bold, yet exudes youthful, fresh simplicity. Celebrating individuality and unity, this fragrance evokes the excitement of limitless opportunity. Bringing together refreshing notes of green tea, papaya, and bergamot. Perfectly balanced with soft accents of nutmeg, violet, cardamom, and rose.

Compelling and dynamic, CK One is a dialogue between the masculine and feminine. CK One is revolutionary, rejecting traditional gender stereotypes and harmonising feminine floral and masculine musk into one unisex scent, appealing to men and women alike.

Citrus fragrance, CK One is an invigorating start to a day without boundaries.


100ml, 50ml



CK One


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